2018 B Corp Summit Program

Tuesday June 19th – Welcome reception

Location: Tropen café & restaurant, Mauritskade 64, 1092 AD Amsterdam

Join us from 18:00 – 20:00 as we kick off the 2018 B Corp Summit. Connect with old friends and make new as we begin to explore how to build a B economy.

Wednesday June 20th – Building business in a B economy

Location: KIT, Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam

This year we have both speakers and facilitators from the B Corp Community, as well as other fellow travelers using business as a force for good. We will have talks, panels and breakout sessions where participants are led through various tracks all focused on building and strengthening businesses in a B economy.

08:00 – 08:45 Registration

08:45 – 09:45 Summit Opening

09:45 – 10:30 Morning Panel: building a B economy

  • Ryan Gellert, General Manager, Patagonia EMEA
  • Christophe Barnouin, CEO, Wessanen
  • Giulia Detomati, CEO, InventoLab
  • Pablo Esteves, Emzingo, Facilitator

10:30 – 11:00 Break

11:00 – 12:30 Morning Workshops & Sessions:

  • Impact Investment Readiness Workshop run by Generous Minds and Impact Hub Amsterdam: Generous Minds and Impact Hub Amsterdam invite you to check if you’re “impact finance ready.” Of course this involves both sides of a deal: the financier and the social entrepreneur. Impact financing is important to grow the social enterprise movement, and its popularity is increasing. But what exactly is impact finance? And do financiers and entrepreneurs speak the same language? We will take you on an inspiring journey towards the Covestment framework of Generous Minds. We will share the experiences of Impact Hub Amsterdam in facilitating impact financing for social enterprises. At the end of the session you will have gained more inspiration, new insights and the tools to improve your impact.
  • SDG’s & Speaking the Global Language, brought to you by The Challengers, Oxfam Novib and Better Future: 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) 5 millennium goals led into the SDGs, 2030 is the year it’s aiming for, 5 million people worked on the SDGs. Join this workshop to experience how the SDGs will influence your B Corp’s future and that there’s still time grab that role of being a leader in this world. Experience what SDGs offer you; you can make sure you align with the needs of the world – the SDGs represented these – and how it creates business opportunities.
  • Dream it! Make it! Share it! A 3 part B Corp brand activation workshop co-created by Rainbow Collection, Innate Motion, Pixelis & BBK: Do you agree that B Corp has the potential to grow a real movement? During the Summit we would like to invite fellow B Corps to join this brand activation workshop. Together we can give B Corp a face and grow a movement with impact that rises far beyond our own community. But we need the commitment of the community to make this happen. During the dream it session we will dive into the different activist archetypes that could lead the B Corp movement. We will dream big during a creative brainstorm and take out the 3 best activation ideas. In the afternoon we will turn the best ideas in concrete activation plans. We will determine the resources, channels and tactics that are needed to get our idea across to the public.
  • Create a great place to work! Internal Stakeholder Alignment: How can each employee contribute to the values, mission and goals of your business as a B Corp? a co-creation by Dopper and The Playmakers: In this interactive workshop you will be inspired by Dopper’s journey on how to create a great place to work. Merijn Everaarts, founder of Dopper, will share his personal dream that forms the foundation to align all stakeholders in the company. You will experience new ways to create a working culture where all employees can live up to their full potential. From start up to multinational, learn how to become a Changemaker and fully connect to the goals you are contributing to. People cannot make full use of their potential when work is only about reaching targets. Find out how you can use curiosity, creativity and dialogue to connect on a deeper level and get a better understanding of how you are intrinsically connected to the dream of your company.
  • Communication as a Force for Good run by Veronique Swinkels (BBK/Powered by Friendship) and Tessa Wernink (The Whole Works): A holistic communications approach for commercial actors pioneering the new economy. How do you become who you are in everything you do? How do you align your whole organization with your B Corp mission? Brand Essence and Impact DNA are terms that are coined to teach companies that real change only comes from living up to your identity and putting your values in everything you do. But how do you do it? In this workshop, we will demonstrate how communications can be used as a force for good. When put into practice, The Communications-for-Good model will grow your employer and consumer brand, while manifesting trust and building a positive reputation with your internal and external stakeholders. It helps you assess when and how to act from the perspective of opportunities and when to be aware of risks. Learn how to use communications to embed your values with your employees and harmonize your organization’s operations, strategy and governance with your mission for good.
  • Trailblazers: Leading for the Long Run. A leadership workshop run by Emzingo: The B Corp movement has the power to transform our economic system and help create more shared and durable prosperity. These organizations and movements need leaders. People like you, passionate about a cause or a mission. People that want to be and do the best for the world. Feeling stuck? How do you initiate a movement? How do you lead change? And do you sustain momentum in the face of volatility and uncertainty? In this workshop, led by Emzingo – a leadership development design firm – you’ll obtain a fresh perspective to a real challenge that you or your organization are facing. It will help you re-frame it and take the first steps to foster change in your organization by rallying people around a shared purpose. Learn how movements start and how to frame it in a way that resonates with people. Understand to sustain momentum and build resilience by redesigning the environment to make a positive impact.

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch

13:30 – 14:30 Afternoon Reflections

14:30 – 16:00 B Corp Connections/B2B sessions:

In the afternoon we provide time and space to support B Corp connections and B2B meetings. This is a chance to develop new business opportunities and exchange ideas, learnings and best practices across a variety of different themes. During these sessions we will explore how to better collaborate and commit to take action as a purpose driven community. 

16:00 – 16:30 Break

16:30 – 17:30 Afternoon Keynote with Kate Raworth of Doughnut Economics

Matthijs Bierman, Managing Director of ​Triodos Bank Netherlands, will join Kate Raworth on stage for a dialog on the New Economy & Banking / Finance.


“Kate Raworth is a renegade economist focused on exploring the economic mindset needed to address the 21st century’s social and ecological challenges, and is the creator of the Doughnut of social and planetary boundaries.”




19:30 – 22:30 Celebration Dinner

Location: Restaurant-Café De IJkantine, Mt. Ondinaweg 15-17, 1033 RE Amsterdam

Hop on a boat and cross the iconic IJ to enjoy a delicious meal and some B Corp wine at the former shipyard cafeteria. This is a chance to celebrate the many contributions of this community toward build better businesses and a B eocnomy.

Thursday June 21st

09:00 – 11:00 B Experience

Location: We have turned Amsterdam into a City Safari from 9:00-11:00 am  

Participants will sign up for a B Experience at one of the hosting B Corps located across the city. Each B Experience will have a different theme and approach to learning, sharing and experiencing. Each of the experiences has a maximum capacity. Online registration for these experiences will be sent prior to the Summit.

B Experiences:

  • Fairphone: Intro on Circular Economy Thinking: Sharing best practices and challenges of the Fairphone’s journey: Have you been wanting to transition and participate in a more circular economy? Join the Fairphone intro on Circular Economy Thinking workshop where we will share our best practices and the barriers we’ve encountered. Join the discussion and let’s find out how your company can start using Circular Economy Thinking in your product lifestyle.
  • Tony’s Chocolonely: Tony Talk & the value chain: Tony’s Chocolonely’s mission is to have 100% slave free chocolate. Not just their own chocolate, but all chocolate worldwide. In the Tony’s Talk they will explain all about how they were born and how they manage their value chain in such a way that it will change the chocolate industry. Let’s raise the bar!
  • Patagonia: Visual Dialogue – Hosted by Patagonia brought to you by Tamar Herel. The Visual Dialogue 101 training is designed to allow us to explore something which we’re already doing – communicating and thinking visually – and to learn how we can upgrade these skills, enrich them with complementary tools and apply them in our everyday actions and settings. Our focus will be on sharpening our simple drawing techniques, building a visual vocabulary and experimenting with how and where to apply these bundle of tools in everyday life, from strategizing the launching of a new product to designing educational programs or simply to plan a personal wish to go around the world for a year.
  • Plastic Whale: Help make Amsterdam’s canals plastic-free and join us for a plastic fishing adventure: Plastic Whale is the first professional plastic fishing company in the world. A social enterprise with a mission: make the world’s waters plastic-free and create value from plastic waste with as many people as possible. While cleaning up the canals, you get to see the historical center with its many highlights from a unique perspective: the water. Our skipper will gladly tell you about it. 
  • B Pitch Fest: 6 B Corps have been selected to pitch to investors for capital.  Join the conversation and hear the perspectives of three different impact investors, Oneplanetcrowd, PYMWYMIC, and Triodos Investment Management.
  • Dream it! Make it! Share it! A 3 part B Corp brand activation workshop co-created by Rainbow Collection, Innate Motion, Pixelis & BBK: A chance to finalize and present the results of the branding track at the closing of the summit and get all the summit participants committed to be part of the activation. This is part 3 of a 3 part branding series.

11:45 – 12:30 Summit Closing

Location: KIT, Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch & Break

14:00 – 16:00 B Inspired

Location: KIT, Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam

Hear incredible stories from B Corp leaders and other global experts as they share how actions are building a B economy. B Inspired will be held in the beautiful Queen Maxima Hall in the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT), also known as the SDG House. This event is free for Summit participants. Additional guests and the public will be invited to join and are required buy a ticket.  For more information on our B Inspired speakers and program please go to our B Inspired page.

B Inspired Program

Bernice Notenboom, Arctic traveler and climate journalist

Kresse Wesling, Elvis & Kresse, Co-Founder

Chris Mann, Guayaki, CEO

Virginia Yanquilevich, Dopper, CEO

Bas van Abel, Fairphone, CEO 

16:00 – 21:00 B Fest

Location: KIT, Royal Tropical Institute, Mauritskade 63, 1092 AD Amsterdam

B Fest is a free outdoor public event celebrating and showcasing how business and a B economy are creating a positive impact on the world. Join the festival and enjoy food, music, drinks, B talks, product demonstrations and experience the B Corp marketplace. B Fest will become an opportunity for all to experience the participate in a B economy. For more information please visit the B Fest page.